Traditionally, we consider obligatory attributes of the wedding are the bride's white dress, crowd of guests, the wedding night, and number of other ceremonies and conventions. But whether we need it really? Finally, the wedding is a holiday for two. That is why you have the right to celebrate your wedding according to your personal desires!

Your clothes can be whatever you like. Especially white dress and veil on the bride previously considered a symbol of innocence, but now it is difficult to find the person of marriageable age, who decided to wait until marriage... So feel free to choose any dress tones and colors, as well as any design you please. This may be even a suit. But it has to be something really elegant and striking, as still the bride should be different from the guests at a wedding.

And what about guests? Previously, it was common to invite to the wedding close and distant relatives, friends and even neighbors. It caused preparations for the celebration became very troublesome and very joyful event - very tedious. Now, this tradition is gone. Besides, nowadays the wedding along with restaurant and other attributes comes at a price. Sometimes debts of pompous wedding continue to be paid after the divorce... So only a narrow circle of people who really want to see the couple may be invited to a celebration. Sometimes parents of newlyweds are not even presented at the wedding.

To arrange a wedding party with a light buffet, dancing and various games, where the happy couple and their guests could have a good time? Why not? Another variant is to book a table at the restaurant and come there with two or three relatives or close friends, to sit for a couple of hours and then went with your beloved to home. And any visitors who should be entertained! Many people also try to keep the tradition of the honeymoon, which allegedly necessarily going to happen right after wedding. Meanwhile, it is a private matter of honeymooners: whether to go on a trip or stay at home, and how much money to spend on this venture.

It may happen that after the wedding, you will be much more comfortable to be alone in your home than wander the aircraft and hotels! More modern version is a wedding somewhere far from home. Well, if not on a desert island, at least on the southern resort. Sea, sun, palm trees... and there is no need to call guests, local exotics are enough. And then, after a rest and sun baths, you can go home and start the construction of family life. But it is possible that someone is dreaming about the classic wedding with veil, hundreds of guests, the wedding night and romantic journey... It all depends on your ability and your desire.