Every woman should care of her appearance. Manicure is far from playing the last role in the whole image of a woman that`s why nail treatment is worth paying necessary attention. First of all it should be remembered that hands present some kind of a mirror that can tell much about their owner.

Manicure is needed not only for aesthetic reasons but also for hygiene purposes. It`s possible to do manicure yourself using common means of care or visiting a beauty salon. It should be noted that nail treatment includes simple procedures which every woman necessarily must learn. After reaching a perfect shape and shine embellishing your fingers manicure brings enormous pleasure.

Manicure can include: hand massage, baths for skin of hands and nails, nail treatment, polishing, shaping, nail decoration with a nail polish or crystals and others. While there is a wide range of manicure types, fashionable trends and techniques of fingernails treatment it`s easy to get confused. Concerning cuticle treatment two types of manicure are distinguished manicure with cuticles trimmed and manicure with cuticles pushed back. During the first variant nails and cuticle removed using scissors or a special nail clipper after a warm bath. The second type requires applying a special softening liquid to skin around your nail with circular movements. After several minutes cuticle must be pushed back using a wooden stick. Removed in such a way cuticle naturally protects skin around nails.

Shape of nails must be chosen depending on the length and shape of fingers as well as in view of aesthetic preferences. Square nails embellish hands with long thin fingers whereas pointed nails suit owners of short fingers. Optimal variant is oval shape matching everybody without any exception. Nails are shaped with a nail file which must be rubber-based or carton-based. It`s also worth keeping in mind that only dry nails should be filed otherwise they become vulnerable and start chipping. While filing movements must be smooth in one direction from edges to the middle.

Appropriate nail treatment is a quite simple procedure not requiring great efforts. Manicure is not only a fashionable accessory but also a way of self-expression. It`s worthwhile to keep up with the times, experiment and look for your individual look.