Make-up emphasizes beauty and disguises drawbacks. Besides, attractive features are emphasized by means of decorative preparations. Knowing how to use decorative cosmetics is of most importance in make-up. Good make-up must be delicate, natural and hardly noticeable and emphasize delicacy of make-up. When correctly applied and well-timed removed it doesn`t disturb skin`s natural processes. Daytime it serves as a thin protective layer ensuring effective skin protection against negative influence if environmental factors. Decorative cosmetics include a vast number of useful for skin ingredients.

Make-up depends on season, the time of day and most importantly on its purpose. It requires perfect harmony with appearance of a woman, clothes, accessories, bijouterie and manicure. Frequently make-up is divided into daytime and evening make-up.

It is related to fashionable art trends which set color range, shape of eyebrows, lips and eyes. At present make-up complies with three trends of fashion: classic, romantic and avant-garde. Soft tones and colors are peculiar for classic and romantic make-up whereas contrast, affectation and provocative color range associates with avant-garde make-up. As for color palette make-up is divided into «warm» (yellow, green, brown and beige shades dominate) and «cold» (pink, grey, blue and purple color shades). Color tonality is mainly defined by face shape, hair and skin color.

Cosmetics must be applied carefully and reasonably as even a little detail or inappropriate color can spoil your appearance and attract attention to drawbacks. That`s why if you want to look radiant consult a specialist. He will help you to match an ideal color collection and qualitative cosmetics.

In order to feel comfortable a woman should pay special attention to her appearance. When used correctly make-up gives confidence in life and behavior. Observing the rules of makeup you will always create admirable impression. Every woman is inimitable. That`s why only in practice you can choose a variant of make-up emphasizing namely your beauty.