Some housewives believe that a side dish it is solely mash, rice, or French fries, which are served on a plate with a piece of grilled meat. It turns out nourishing, but not appetizing and not pleasant. To give the dish a spicy look, cooks use colored products or served it with the molds. Even banal mash and rice with vegetables, in a form of turret would seem delicious on the plate. However, do not forget about garnish itself. In the general opinion of nutritionists and chefs, the perfect complement to any meat is mix of leaves lettuce with a small amount of vegetables and olive oil. But, you definitely would not cook the same every day to feed the household by “grass.” After all, there are steamed and fried vegetables, potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms, rice and so on.

Lamb: rice, eggplants, onions. Lamb has a quite strong, aggressive taste, so side for it shall not be weaker. Tender steamed broccoli would fail in this case. Potatoes are suitable, but for it to taste brighter, you have to add a little more onion, spices and garlic. If you cook rice, put the carrots with barberry. If you are afraid to make the wrong side dish, just remember the classic Caucasian dishes that are served with lamb: eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers. Vegetables can be fried and to be added in sauté with garlic and onions. Juicy onion, poured over with boiling water, pomegranate or lemon juice, served to barbecue, kebab and pilaf. It would be perfect if not only meat but also garnish and drinks would be served hot or room temperature.

Pork: cabbage, potatoes. Unlike lamb pork has a relatively neutral taste of light meat (this is similar to the chicken), which are best suited sour-sweet side dishes. Small wonder that in Germany and the Czech Republic foreshank served with braised sauerkraut, and in China with a sharp fruit and vegetable chutney, which is often made from mango or pineapple. On the other hand, pork is a simple meat, with no frills, so it is better to choose the garnish of the same level. For example, rice with carrots and onions, steamed vegetables and potatoes in all variants.

Beef: asparagus, carrots, mushrooms. Beef called Rolls Royce in the world of meat, and garnish for it have to be excellent, but very sensitive: no sharp flavors, aggressive aromas and sour. For example, if we prepare complex puree, refuse bright fillers - only the cream, egg yolk and, if desired, a bit of blue cheese. Other sides well-suited to beef are fried potatoes, mushrooms and white button and also vegetables: green beans, carrots, corn, zucchini, peas, brussels sprouts. But the perfect garnish for a good steak are considered boiled asparagus and spinach, which can fied first, and then simmer in the cream until creamy.

It is not difficult to remember the principles of compatibility of this products. And in this case it will give a special elegance to your cooking. And what hostess would not be happy if the main event of the evening will be your delicious dish!