Problems with overweight? Stress at work? You are underconfident? There is a unique solution for all these problems, and it is fitness!

Sport is number one in case of getting rid of excess weight. It's a well known fact and needs no proof. But do you know that according to medical studies regular fitness are significant benefits to the general state of health. Thanks to regular physical activity the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and many other diseases is reduced. Such diseases as hypertension and type 2 diabetes are directly related to a couch-potato lifestyle. Moreover, regular exercises increase resistance to infectious diseases, increase joint flexibility, improve emotional well-being, increase efficiency, reduce stress and improve the digestive system.

In addition, physical exercise is a very effective way of dealing with stress. Jogging, warm-up exercise, strength training, stretching and you fill like after work stress never bothered you. There is only a pleasant relaxing of tired muscles. Well, another important thing about fitness: it directly affects your self-confidence. When you exercise you train not only the body but also the spirit. You become more focused and confident. Sports develop leadership skills. Probably the most difficult thing is to find time for fitness. In fact, the so-called supporting training with keeping-fit effect takes approximately 3 hours per week. It is one hour for exercise. If you need to transform a figure then you should train four times a week. Devote 40-45 minutes to aerobics and another half hour on the simulators. By the way, aerobics can be replaced by a morning run and then visiting gym would take an hour (with dressing and shower). As you can see, it takes not so much.

The first thing to remember is that trainings should be regular. Muscles regain their initial shape within 72 hours. This means that if you're not trained for 72 hours, then you have taken a step back. In this case, sorry, ladies. A good idea would be to schedule training for a couple of weeks ahead and hang it on the wall. So you would see clearly your timetable and plan other things. But experienced coaches give advice: leave time for a "spare" training in case if any exercise fail. And if not, you can spend this time just sitting in front of the TV. To achieve the visible results you need a coach. He will help to plot a training schedule that will be suitable for you. Take advantage of his services at least at the initial stage of training. And of course do not forget about the doctors. People who are overweight, as well as mothers who wish to recover after giving birth just need advice of experts!

Begin training in conjunction with a suitable diet for you. This is not as difficult as it seems. Just hang on for 21 days, and then exercise will become a habit and you will even miss them. And do not forget to maintain your motivation! Good Luck!