Dolce & Gabbana with Elena Likhach and Stella Aminova

Saying that Dolce & Gabbana is just a popular brand. We are only touching the tip of the iceberg. These Italians managed to create a world legend from the first two letters of their surnames. The super-fashion of the 90s, created by the masters, embodies the special spirit of the last century with all the suddenness and surprise. Two completely different people were ahead of their time and set the fashion course for many years to come. Imbued with Mediterranean flair and classic Italian lightness, Domenico and Stefano's fashion has absorbed the best traditions and cultural characteristics of this sun-drenched, extraordinary land.

Dolce & Gabbana is a fresh look at original and authentic luxury. The combination of exuberant creativity with impeccable quality gives rise to elegance in a different form, to put it simply - a modern interpretation of the classics.

As the brand develops, it follows the bold ideas of the industry, while maintaining devotion to traditions and values that emphasize its uniqueness and specificity.

In the early eighties, the case connected in a small studio, two complete strangers, but less than ten years had passed since they dressed Sting and Madonna.

Designers are firmly convinced that a person's clothing affects his perception and even his sense of humor. Domenico and Stefano do not like to pointlessly expose naked body parts, their goal is to make a person look seductive, and clothes only emphasize and interpret the unique body language. In their models, great attention is paid to the proportions ... hips-chest. Another feature is that men prefer pure tones for their collections, you will never see mixed or unnatural paint.

Attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection is a credo that many should adopt. It is not so easy to keep the bar for several decades, but couturiers find new trends not only in clothes, but also in the industry as a whole. For example, for the Milan show, the organizers invited not professional models, but ordinary people from different countries, different ages and social statuses, so the D & G podium was visited by: mother of six children Stella Aminova, Anna Brostrem, Elena Likhach, along with daughters Daria and Varvara, Ilona Stolie , Nadezhda Obolentseva, and Victoria Shelyagova. Designers say that the ability to walk the catwalk is not so important, when you receive compliments about your own appearance, you feel confident in your abilities.

Dolce & Gabbana with Elena Likhach and Stella Aminova

Over time, in addition to creating fashion collections, the company began to devote itself to other aspects of activity, which at the beginning were purely amateur in nature, but later they became an integral part of the world of legendary couturiers. This is how printed publications were born, cultural events were organized for the public in Milan in the Metropol Hall, various online promotions are held, and the Martini bar and the Gold restaurant operate.

The company has a very competent organizational structure. It has everything you need for confident and stable growth. This includes the exclusive right to brands, production management, control over all stages of the process: from disassembling an idea to selling. The
main industrial enterprise includes two factories in the provinces of Milan and Florence. All sales directions are worked out at the main office, which is also located in Milan, the work of retail outlets is also controlled here. On the territory of other countries, control is carried out by branches in New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo, which themselves represent the interests of the concern in the territories within their competence.

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