Relatively recently it was rare to see a woman with tattoo. What is more, wearing tattoos was considered indecent and signified not very good past of its owner. In truth, previous tattoos were not quite aesthetic and in general were artisanal in contrast to contemporary drawings and innovative technologies of tattoo application. Nowadays women use tattoo to highlight their appeal and individuality.

If you are not sure about image choosing try to wear temporary images applied with special paints and markers. Such paintings can be easily removed by rubbing alcohol or water. Apply tattoo with special henna if you are not sure about the selected design. This bio tattoo will be rubbed off over time but you`ll make sure that image and place for applying tattoo are chosen correctly.

Not everyone likes traditional monochromatic tattoos. Some people want have not eye-catching tattoos. For such clients tattoo salons offer so called white tattoo applying with a pigment of white color. Peculiar feature of such a tattoo is becoming brighter and more distinct while tanning.

Mostly women prefer to wear tattoos on a shin, ankle, neck, hips and wrist. As well as back and breast. Highly popular images for girls are butterflies, stars, zodiacal constellations, flowers, various patterns, dragonflies and snouts of varmints. Apart from these childish pictures tribal and Celtic patterns started to come in fashion. Earlier they were worn exclusively by men but currently Celtic tattoos are gaining popularity among women. They can be copies of ancient tribal tattoos as well as possess more contemporary look. Anyway they provide a woman with a unique style.

As a rule, a stylist paints a picture with an individual approach to every client expressing owner`s soul, hobbies and sometimes professional activity and interests.