The desire to have a pet comes to different people in different ways. Someone spontaneously decides it's time to find a friend. Someone's desire matures whole life, growing out of the prohibitions of parents to buy a pet. However, if someone really wants to have at hand someone but your style of life supposes frequent absence it is still possible to find a way out.

Rabbit is a funny furry friend, from whom your households would be enthused. You can buy it without many problems and contain in the kitchen or in the hallway. Feed costs are sufficiently low. Necessity to clean the cage would bother you only once every seven days, which is suitable for all your hard work week. But do not forget to pour the evening feed, clean up uneaten and change the water in water bottle. In the evenings, it is necessary to communicate with the rabbit, stroke it and take in hand. You definitely need to let your pet run through the apartment for some time. Once a month, you need to comb your pet during molting and cut nails. Canary will please you by his sonorous voice, reminding that there is someone else in the house. This bird does not require a lot of care of itself. It is necessary to clean up after every two or three days. Feeding birds can be adjusted to fit your busy schedule: feed daily, pouring one or two spoonfuls of food or every two or three days, the mound respectively 2 and 3 times as much, which is especially convenient for working in shifts. It is also recommended at least once a week to let the bird fly.

If your fear is saying "yes", then it is possible to get the royal snakes or so-called "Rat snake". These species are not aggressive and would delight you and scare your impressionable guests. Who disgust thinking about buying mice and seeing their ruthlessly being devoured, may relax: small eggs are also possible. Sometimes, of course it is recommended to feed by mice. But it all depends on your compassionate. Feeding schedule implies feeding once a week, that, agree, is perfect for busy persons and workaholics.

Hamster, one of the most popular pets, is quite unpretentious, if you build properly its schedule of feeding, as well as understand that too often cleaning may be even harmful for psychology hamster, because it tends to accumulate. Of course, it is better to clean animal's excrements 2-3 times a week, but the food is better not to touch. Once a week you have to take it on the handle, to play and to let run out of the cage. If there is not enough time to buy food you can give crumbled bread and vegetables and fruits once a day or every two days.

Finally, the most unpretentious animal is tortoise. Not to be confused with waterfowl because everything is a little more complicated in that case. Taking this undemanding friend be ready for its semi-annual hibernation. You can buy specialized food into a pet store or feed it by fresh vegetables from your table, of which, by the way, it will get water, but you still should install a water bottle. Managing it fits into the framework of a total lack of time: once a week carapace and legs should be cleaned with a soft brush.