Stylish hairstyle is an essential part of woman`s image. It is widely known that carefully chosen hairstyle can change a woman and make her beautiful. Successful hairstyle is able to accentuate values of face: beautiful face shape, big eyes, graceful forehead. Advantages of face and hair should rank first in hairstyle choosing. It must fit type of appearance and figure and harmonize with your lifestyle. For example, you shouldn't choose time-consuming hairstyle if you lead an active life. Ideally hairstyle must create a single ensemble with your outfit (in case of wearing formal dress classic style of hairstyle will harmoniously match it: careful bun, ponytail or smooth bob).

There is a wide range of styles to fit every taste which fashionmongers can choose depending on their mood, age, circumstances and interests. The most common hair fashion is classic style characterized by distinct shape and strict lines. It can be a bun on back of the head, a shell and ponytail. Hair can be loose, it`s possible to accentuate a bang. Soft smooth lines, locks and curls are peculiar for romantic hairstyle. It can be embellished with flowers and present the most feminine style.

Sport hairstyles are characterized by hair of short of medium length. Main goal of such a hairdo as the name implies is a possibility to do sport. It`s added with hair ties, hair slides and head wraps and hardly requires hair setting. Eye-catching and provoking hairstyles attracting attention relate to avant-garde style. The most frequently such hairstyles can be noticed on fashion runways or on representatives of art professions.

Depending on hair length it`s possible to create a beautiful hairstyle suited to every fancy. The easiest way of creating hairstyle for short hair is to make a side part and set hair with a brush and hairdryer. Slight backcombing will create dramatic look. Nearly every hairstyle looks very natural on medium-length hair, especially wavy or slightly messed up hair and locks. Simple and easily accomplished hairstyles are babette, a braid with a bun and some variants of buns.

Beautiful ponytail, elegant bun, braids and different kinds of hair plaiting look very feminine on owners of long hair. Simple attractive hairstyle is created by means of slight backcombing. Practical variant is a side braid which can be used as extemporary hairband.